Feb 21 2012

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I drug out the pressure canner yesterday

I’m still trying to get us settled in to the new house.  I wanted to wait to do any canning or soaping until we were settled.  Well, it didn’t quite work out that way.  I had the urge to do some canning and I couldn’t resist.  And so I gave in and did a little personal canning yesterday.

First I made a tangy kind of onion soup…it must’ve been the wine in the recipe that gave it that zip.  It was very good.  (I kept enough out for dinner last night.)  It took forever to thinly slice all those onions but the end result was worth it.  This was the first time canning that recipe and it will surely be a keeper in my personal stash.

Next up was baked beans.  I love baked beans.  The recipe called for a bunch of bacon to be cut up and included but…I’m just not that big of a bacon fan so I cut a few strips of bacon in half and laid it on top of the beans so I could easily pull it off before it went into the canning jar.  My husband took what wouldn’t fit into the jar (plus the bacon strips) for lunch today.  I hope he likes it.  I had a small taste last night and I liked it okay.  I think next time I will completely omit the bacon though.  And perhaps add a small amount of barbeque sauce to the mix.

Today, if the chicken thaws quickly enough, I plan to make and can some white chili.  If not, then I think I’ll just make some more spicy mixed beans since I am getting low on those, and make the white chili tomorrow.  I think I’ll experiment with some other spice combinations with beans as well.  Later this week I will make my first batch of cowboy candy (candied jalapenos).

Pretty soon I will be starting up again with the jam and jelly in preparation for the start of the farmers’ markets.  Southern Butterflies & Puttin’ Up With Suzy will continue participating in the Snellville Farmers’ Market again this year.  However, since we’ve moved farther away, we won’t be there every weekend like we were the last two years.

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